bitcoin closeup macro

Why I bought (more) bitcoin

I just consolidated all of my cryptocurrency. Just sold off all of my DOGE, dodge coin, chain link, and DGB (digibyte) and converted it all into bitcoin.

Why did I do this? My thoughts: first of all, it is easier to remember how much bitcoin I have on the top of my head then track all these other cryptocurrency’s. Second, it will always be the gold standard, just like how Coca-Cola is and will always be the number one soda brand. Or like McDonald’s is the number 1 fast food place, or how Starbucks is and will probably always be the number 1 fast coffee place.

When randomly going on craigslist and looking at Lamborghinis, it seems a lot of people are excepting both US dollars and bitcoin and cryptocurrency for purchases or exchanges.

Furthermore, bitcoin is now so main stream even my mom and Cindy‘s mom know what it is (fake money).

If Nassim Taleb wrote an essay about bitcoin, and Tesla once accepted bitcoin to buy Tesla cars, it is here to stay. I don’t plan on ever selling my cryptocurrency, just giving it all to Seneca once his 21 years old. I am certain that 20 years from now, bitcoin and cryptocurrency and crypto technology will generally be up. In this generation Z has taught me anything, the future of payments will be your smart phone and digital phone wallet.

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