Crypto Photography walking glitch lady ERIC KIM

Crypto Photography

Towards a brave new world of photography and crypto technologies:

How come nobody is thinking about photography and crypto technologies?

  • Crypto Photography walking glitch lady ERIC KIM

The very interesting thing about crypto, cryptography, cryptocurrency:

In terms of photography and digital arts, this is an exciting brave new world for us photographers. 

For example, one of the difficult things about being a cryptocurrency holder is that you don’t really have anywhere to spend it. Amazon (doesn’t yet) accept Bitcoins, Ethereum or other altcoins for payment, although more places online and in-person are starting to accept Venmo and PayPal (PayPal bought out Venmo and now owns it). 

So as photographers, we can accept cryptocurrencies as fair payment for our services, photos, etc. 

The solution to “owning” a true “original” of a digital photograph

The very interesting thing:

With cryptographic technologies (Ethereum), you can now legitly own the “original” of a certain digital photograph.

Some interesting decentralized apps (DAPPS) via Ethereum:

  1. Foundation
  2. SuperRare
  3. Nifty Gateway
  4. Async Art

Thus an interesting thought and idea:

Imagine a future marketplace or platform in which digital photographers are rewarded via cryptocurrencies (like ARS COIN) for giving great feedback, replacing “likes” with coins (skin in the game), and actually making real money via social crypto.

Brave new world for photographers and crypto:

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