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Why I Bought Bitcoin

Besides wanting to become a bitcoin billionaire, I see cryptocurrency as a future economy; a future form of human trust (sociology of cryptocurrency), and I’m also interested in cryptocurrency as being the new internet; perhaps Internet 3.0?

What is money and capital anyways?

Bitcoin ERIC KIM money camera

Money is codified human trust. Money as a social tool. The sociology of money:

You go x, y, z for me in promise for x, y, z.

Thus money is all about trust. Human trust in one another for the future.

Cash is dead

Covid-19 is the nail in the coffin for cash. We ain’t gonna use cash currency anymore. Why? We are afraid of catching germs or covid from paper money. Already so many places either refuse cash or “strongly prefer” credit card. And soon, cryptocurrency will become mainstream as a legit way to pay. My friend Bing told me about Digibyte (DGB) as the future daily cryptocurrency transactions for getting coffee and so forth, because it’s far faster than Bitcoin. I bought around $10,000 USD in Digibyte around 3 years ago, and around $15,000 in Bitcoin around 3 years ago. My prediction:

DGB (Digibyte) as the preferred daily transaction for cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin (BTC) as the future “gold standard” for cryptocurrency.

Money without borders