Once You Become a Crypto Billionaire, Then What?

As Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other crypto technologies continue to rally, the thought that came to my mind:

Once you become a Bitcoin or Crypto Billionaire, *then what*?

How many iPhone’s and Lamborghini’s can you buy?

It seems right now, we still look at fiat currency, or money in general as a way of ‘making us happier’ in life by buying ourselves more luxury goods, more fancy homes, more luxury cars, more luxury cameras, more luxury equipment, etc.

But let us not forget– we are still living through COVID. In this brave new COVID world, some thoughts:

  1. What is the point of owning a luxury car, if all the clubs and social places are closed anyways … you got nowhere to go, and nowhere to ‘flex’ it.
  2. In a time where we cannot really travel, what will you use your money for?
  3. In the past a lot of us wanted to save up money to buy a home, but now that we are stuck at home all day (and hate it) … do we truly desire to buy a home?

The desire to focus on your art work

I think most people just want to ‘not have to work their 9-5 job anymore’ in order to focus on their art work. It is funny, because before COVID, it seems the traditional thought was:

I wish I won a billion dollars, so I can quit my job, travel the world, pursue my passions, etc.

But once again … we can no longer really ‘travel the world’. And even if you had a billion dollars (whether in fiat currency or crypto), would that really help you unlock that much motivation, potential and energy to focus on your artistic passions?


What is money *really* good for?

For me, it seems that beyond peace and quiet, a lot of natural light, and having enough steak and meat in the fridge, having that much more money isn’t that useful.

The joy of speculation for the sake of it?

For me, I like investing in crypto purely for the speculation. I really don’t “need” more money for anything meaningful. I also like crypto for the technology, and the potential for it to transform society for the better.

The question to ask yourself

But the best question to ask yourself:

Becoming a crypto billionaire is certainly a means to an end… what is that end for you?



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