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Why Crypto is Under-Hyped

It seems right now the world is ablaze. Elon Musk tweeting in favor of DOGECOIN, the (even more) astronomical raise of Bitcoin (starting at nil, then to $300, to $1000, to $25,000, then crashing, then raising up to ~$50,000 territory).

I then thought:

Perhaps crypto-currencies and crypto-technologies are far under-rated and under-hyped.

Let us think: in the year 2035 (14 years from now), the last Bitcoin/Digibyte(DGB) will be mined. Simple thought experiment:

In 14 years, do you think crypto (whether crypto currency, crypto technology, etc) will be used MORE or less?

And also think of a basic sociological and technological shift:

14 years from now, will we use our phones and technology and the internet *MORE* or less?

If studying China has taught us anything (they are all already on top of the WeChat/WePay game), all currency, human interactions and transactions are digital. Seeing now that we are (finally) starting to care more for privacy (end-to-end encryption on messenger services, Android users flocking to Apple for more privacy, as well as the raise of Brave Browser/DuckDuckGo and other privacy products), it seems that crypto will be 10000x more important in the future than we can ever imagine.

Thinking 14-15 years ahead

It is hard to think so far ahead, but I think back. I am 33 years old now, and it was only 12 years ago when I was 21 years old (graduating college). To be frank, when I look at my college self and my present self, I don’t really feel different. For the most part (besides some more wrinkles on the side of my eyes) I look the same, feel the same, have mostly the same values, and actually even now … I am stronger and buffer than I was in the past.

Once again … 14-15 years will pass like nothing. Why not speculate in crypto?


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