In Praise of Crypto

The reason why crypto is good:

As time goes on, it will become *MORE* valuable, useful and interesting.

Compare this to fiat currency (like the USDOLLAR or the Euro) which will LOSE value over time.

Thinking about the future

A simple thought: as time goes on, will more people use their cell phones or less? Most certainly more. And overtime, will VISA or credit card to get more or less popular? Certainly less popular. Consider all the new generation Z kids and even younger, what interest will they have been having a credit card? They won’t. Rather, they will just want to have the newest iPhone.

Perhaps this is why real estate will continue to raise in value, that is because as time goes on, more infectious diseases and more things similar to COVID-19 will continue to spread mutating evolve, and more people will be homebound. And less people will be able to travel. Even a lot of my friends, because they are no longer spending money on traveling, they buy homes instead. Perhaps into the future, interior design, furniture design, and home architecture will continue to become more important.

What’s in my portfolio

Mostly chainlink, Bitcoin, and DGB (digibyte).

Why Chainlink? The notion of a decentralized Oracle. And the idea that you could link on-chain things with off-chain things. Some speculations I have that Google (which will always be around) Will continue to interface and use chain-link services.

Why digibyte, DGB? My speculation that it could become the future currency for online-based speculations. For example using DGB to predict future outcomes, or future options. I also believe that speed ultimately wins, and because it is at least 10 times faster than light coin, and 40 times faster than bitcoin.

Why bitcoin? The reason is that it has become such a strong brand-name. And it will always be number one. Even my mom and Cindy’s mom know what Bitcoin is. Trying to get our ESL (English as second language) parents trying to pronounce “ethereum”— good luck.

Crypto and privacy

Do you want your spouse or partner to know what kind of porn you’re watching? probably not. People will continue to spend a lot of money for their privacy. And if crypto technology helps people protect their privacy, it will be a growing field.

If Google Cognito mode on Chrome knew (low key) what porn you’re watching … would you still use it? Probably not.

Cutting out the middle man

The last time I had to make an international bank wire transfer to my mom in South Korea, it was an insanely huge pain in the ass. If I was able to just transfer bitcoin to my mom, this would be so much easier. And also predicting the future, people will trade bitcoin for their homes. It will really become the new digital gold. And buying cars with Bitcoin will also become a thing.

Who knows, maybe even one day people will use Bitcoin to buy iPhones.

Don’t stand on the sidelines

Do you want to be second string or first string? Better to bet big and lose it all, than to sit on the sidelines.