Bitcoin earring

Why I’m So Bullish on Bitcoin

Simple thoughts:

  1. Bitcoin as a word is easy to pronounce and say, regardless of the foreign language. Even my mom and Cindy’s mom can pronounce “Bitcoin”— imagine them trying to pronounce “ethereum” or any other cryptocurrency name.
  2. Orange is dominant: Orange as the brightest and most eye catching color. Note the silencer tab in iPhone is orange, NIKE boxes are orange, traffic cones are orange. The most prized Hermès accessories as orange.
  3. Pirate bay seems to currently only accept Bitcoin as their sole donation cryptocurrency. Strong skin in the game marker, or the reflection of seeing what people do rather than what they say.
  4. John Wick: consider how all the characters of John Wick exchange services for “a coin”. Because Bitcoin is now worth so much, it’s easier to simply exchange 1 Bitcoin for 1 Car (like 1 Bitcoin for 1 entry level Tesla Model 3), or perhaps exchange 20 Bitcoins for a home, etc. Leave the small and micro exchanges to credit card companies and cash.