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What is the main principle of life?


All great things come to us through movement.



Move more

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I’ve found that in life, to move more is almost always better. My thought:

Either be moving, or be napping or sleeping.

Even the upside of a standing desk is that you ‘micro move’ on your legs. And I suppose there is more blood moving through your body when you are on your laptop while standing (opposed to sitting). ‘Sitting as the main sin against the Holy Spirit’ (according to Nietzsche).

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Do we need motivation before moving?

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The irony:

Many of us, exhausted and lacking direction sit on our butts, and wait for inspiration to strike us before moving and doing things.

But perhaps this is the wrong way to think about things. Rather, best to have the willpower to move, then the movement will accompany (parallel) your feeling of motivation.

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Kids hate staying still.

What is adult-hood? Being trained to sit still, and do boring shit.

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And I have a theory why kids love watching iPads and TV shows, Netflix and YouTube:

They become pacified through the movement of the screen.

The reason we love moving images, is that perhaps it activates some bodily-parasympathetic system within our body, which derives joy through movement and change.

kids running and moving

Think more about movement

Move mean

Perhaps the motto ‘move mean’ is good.

Or in other words:

Movement is the origin of all great things.

Movement & music

Another theory:

Perhaps the reason why music is so great is that it motivates us to move, because the movement of the sound-signals in the air vibrates the air, and vibrates our bodies, which inspires us to move.

Perhaps also the upside of being outdoors, with the movement of air-particles, allergens and other things which are actively moving and stimulate us.

Also the upside of being more productive in coffee shops– the movement of human beings and human activity as moving us.

Even the genius of Elon Musk and Tesla — to motivate society to keep moving (even autonomous cars as self-driving, to never stop moving) is a good idea. ‘Working out’ can also be seen as simply as movement.



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