Or why focusing too much on goals and achievements in life is bad — it ends up being a hidden trap and dead end. The more robust way:

Always strive for more!

What happens when you achieve all of your life goals?

Let’s say you want to deadlift 500 pounds. Once you hit it … then what? The joy of the powerlifter isn’t to hit a certain number or goal, but to indefinitely maximize his or her gains.

To hit a plateau… the dreaded nightmare and hell for every powerlifter.

Once again — it doesn’t matter how much you can ultimately deadlift. What matters more is knowing that you have the capacity to do more, and to indefinitely attempt and achieve new “PR’s” (personal records).

What happens when you get all the toys you desire?

Once you get the Lamborghini, the desired Rolex, the Leica camera, the M’s in the bank, etc. You tire of them! You get bored of them! And then continues the ‘hedonic treadmill’ for more.

It is wise to not strive to achieve all you desire

Don’t seek to achieve all or to obtain all you desire, because once you do … you will become stuck, perhaps fall into some existential dread, or nihilism.

A better life goal

The better life goal:

To not set any sort of goals or objects of desire … but instead, always strive for more (than you did, achieved or done in the past!)



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