satisfy ERIC KIM abstract


Finally a long time after my life experiences (the last decade+) I’ve realized this:

With any design objects, tools, things, phones, laptops, cameras, clothes, homes, etc … it will never fully satisfy you.

There are objects, things, tools, equipment and lifestyle which are superior than other things, and I believe there are some things which are ‘perfect‘ (like the iPhone Mini, RICOH GR III, iPad Pro, 13” MacBook Air, Outlier.NYC Black Merino Wool T-Shirt, minimalist luxury apartments, etc), but let this be known to you:

These perfect things (while they do exist) will never fully satisfy you.

Then what is the game? Is the game to simply accumulate, acquire, and hunt for these perfect things? No. The hunt of life is this:

Seek the tools, objects, foods, helpers, equipment, and lifestyle which best maximizes your physical and physiological vigor, motivation and creative inspiration … and then focus all your power and strength into your artistic and creative production!



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