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For the Betterment of Humanity or Just Yourself?

A thought:

When we desire x, y, z … is it ‘worth it’ if it will only directly benefit us, with no chance of benefitting others?

My thought:

Perhaps the only good selfish actions and means are good, if somehow eventually … it will help benefit others, broader society, and humanity as a whole.

At the end of the day, the betterment of society is the goal

What if the Purpose of Existence is to Be Creative?

As much as I’d like to follow Nietzsche’s notion of the ‘ubermensch’ (the uber-man) or the thought that the development of a very very small elite group of men on planet earth is the goal, I would still say at the end of the day, I still believe more in utilitarian means. That means:

I generally believe in the betterment of *all* of humanity and *all* of society.

Is this possible?


Certainly it isn’t possible that your actions can either directly (or indirectly) help *all* of humanity. However, I still think it is noble to strive to help as many people as you can. Or at worst, to even impact the life of one other human being (however shallow or profound) is worth it.

Once again:

To have devoted your life to have at least empowered 1 other human being is to have made your life ‘worth it’.

But what if you never help positively impact the life of another?

Truth be told, I think it is impossible to go through your entire life and to have not ever empowered at least one other human being. Even you being alive and your existence, you will have brought joy to the life of another.

For example, even you being born … you would have brought joy to your parents (at least once or twice). And your interactions with your friends, colleagues, or other kids you’ve met in the journey of your life.

How to Create More

In praise of blogging and vlogging

The reason why I love blogging and vlogging so much is this:

As long as one other human being has ever viewed or read your blog post or watched your video, you would have impacted their life somehow.

And this is what gives me the great joy and motivation in life:

I know that no matter what, as long as I keep creating and sharing, I will have either directly (or indirectly) helped society, advance the culture of photography, art, visual arts, and life philosophy in general.

The Intrinsic Joy of Photographing

We derive greater joy from existence if we know our purpose is for the betterment of humanity?

Your needs are simple. Why not just meet your most simple needs, and devote the rest of your life for knowledge-seeking, wisdom-seeking, and art-seeking? This seems like a far more interesting route and goal in existence!



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