The Philosophy of Ego

Towards a new way of thinking about the ego:

Thinking of the self as an instrument for knowledge, wisdom, art.

Truth be told I don’t care for my “self” so much. As long as I sleep well, eat well (lots of meat), and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine I’m happy (oh yeah, and lots of coffee).

We tend to think of the self or the ego as bad— somehow as enemies which are inimical towards our personal growth and progress. But all modern notions of the “ego” are wrong. The ego isn’t some diabolical enemy which dwells inside your brain or mind, The ego is simply a phenomenon we describe and attribute cause and effect (after the fact, after we make decisions). Thus to even think of the “ego” is a misguided ruse.

Perhaps best to just think of ourselves as ego-less instruments, and don’t overly complicate or need to explain or justify our behavior. Our decisions don’t need justification, only certainty.



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