The Wisdom of Doing Nothing

We often think the best thing is to ‘always be doing something’. The phrase:

Don’t just sit there … do something!

Perhaps better to think:

Better than just doing something for the sake of doing something … more wise to intentionally *NOT* do anything (the wisdom of purposeful procrastination).

For example, by intentionally ‘doing nothing’ (in regards to my cryptocurrency investments), I made money. If I were always checking my investments, I would have ingested too much ‘noise’ and might have preemptively sold when I was down. By intentionally *NOT* checking my crypto and Bitcoin investment for around 2+ years, I was able to ride through the crazy crash, and eventually when I sold my Bitcoin (and bought Chainlink instead), I have been able to profit.

Morale of the story:

Don’t force yourself to ‘act’.

More wise to wait, lie back, and let things manifest themselves (wu-wei Taoist philosophy).



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