The philosophy of events and time:

All events and occurrences and happening are a continuum. Thus to pinpoint a certain event in your life or history of having switched the future course of events doesn’t really make sense.

Thus in this regard, regret makes no sense from a logical or rational perspective. Instead, perhaps our sense of “regret” is a biological function in which our mind informs us:

This didn’t work out too well — just try to do it differently in the future.

But our modern “rational” selves self-flagellate ourselves saying:

“Damn it, I should have known better. Why did I make this error?”

But your decision wasn’t an error — it was the best possible decision you could have (and should have made) during that moment in time!

Thus, it makes no sense to ruminate or regret past events, decisions or happenings. Instead, better to be forward looking, and think and excite yourself for your more glorious future!


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