iPhone Mini is the Best iPhone

Why I prefer iPhone Mini over iPhone Pro:

Everyone has been talking about an iPhone “Mini” forever and it is finally here. And it is insanely great. Perhaps the ideal phone of Steve Jobs:

  1. The fastest phone
  2. The smallest phone
  3. The lightest phone (this is 1000x important).
  4. The most flush design

This has all allowed me to

  1. More easily use a phone with one hand which is huuuugely useful when texting with one hand, or carrying around groceries or a cup of coffee
  2. Easier to shoot selfies with one hand without difficulty of reaching the shutter button
  3. Less carpal tunnel and thumb pains. Apparently even Kanye West had to get steroid injections in his thumbs because of overuse of a (heavy) iPhone Pro.

Long story short, if you want or need a new phone or iPhone, shun the iPhone Pro and go Mini. And based on my usage you don’t need a case, it isn’t really slippery and also the design is far more beautiful without a case.