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AMAP (As Much as Possible) or None.

A simple heuristic and approach to life:

When it comes to decision making, either do it ‘as much as possible’ or not at all.

For example, when it comes to food (intermittent fasting), either don’t eat anything during the day (fasting) or when you break your fast (at night, in the evening after sun goes down) eat as much meat as possible.

With children, how many should you have? Either none, or as much as possible.

With coffee consumption, how much coffee to drink? As much as possible or none. Perhaps the same goes with drinking water?


We are often told:

Eat 3 ‘balanced’ meals a day.

Or in life:

You should balance your work, play, family life, etc.

But the problem with notions of ‘moderation’ or ‘balance’:

It is not specific enough, empirical enough, or scientific enough.

Far better as a life philosophy to either do it all, or none at all!



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