Become something more

My Passion to *Become* Something More

What is my personal passion and interest in life? Not merely to do more, learn more, think more, experience more, and adventure and attempt more … but to *become* more!

What does this mean?

We are never static. We are in flux. Our world, environment and society is in flux. And what brings us the most joy? To become more. For example, to become physically stronger (to witness your “one rep max” reach new heights you’ve never reached, the joy of powerlifting), to become wealthier (in order to taste new things and experiences), and to become more cultured and “artistic”. Also to become more creative.

The upside of having kids

I am a huge proponent of having kids. Why? In some ways, having a kid is like cloning yourself, and being able to train your ‘clone’ into your idealized self. This is the hilarity I see with the Silicon Valley thinking of (single) men who strive to live forever:

Why not just have kids?

A lot more fun, easier, and definitely possible!

The purpose of traveling is to expand your mind, in order to have your mind become grander

Why travel? Not just to experience new things for the sake of it … but when you travel, you expand your mind. You learn about new modes of living, new cultures, and you have transformative experiences which transform you (to hopefully) become more!

Why become more?

What is the purpose or end of becoming more? No end really … but it is the greatest joy of human existence to use your mind, cognitive abilities and body-brain to discover more, create more, become more, share more, and make this world of ours even better!




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