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The Philosophy of Having Kids

Strange bias in today’s world:

Millenials and many people no longer want to have children.

Why this bias?

The fear of pleasure-minimization?

My first theory:

The fear of having kids is that once you have kids, you will lose your ‘freedom’ and no longer be able to do pleasure-maximizing things like traveling, eating good food at fancy restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, the fear that millennial have regarding money:

I don’t have enough money to have kids.

How expensive is it really to have kids?

Based on my experience, not really. Almost all baby stuff can be gotten second-hand. In fact, Cindy has been insanely resourceful– we have not spent any money on baby, besides diapers (which can be purchased for very cheap on Amazon).

Baby strollers, car seats, etc … Cindy got all of this from Facebook “Buy Nothing” groups, as well as local friends and mothers.

The upside of kids — ultimate joy maximization

The biggest reason to have kids:

It is the best way to maximize your joy in life.

If the goal is to maximize your happiness and joy, having kids is the way.

For example, even the smallest smile from Seneca brings me the deepest and unspeakable joy — more than any other thing in the world!