ERIC KIM Critique of Millenials

I was born in 1988; does that make me a millennial? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless here are some of my candid thoughts on some of my personal critiques on my (fellow) millenials:

  1. Lack of personal courage: Millenials want to do awesome and epic things yet are too risk averse. They want others to like them too much. This is what holds them back. Millenials care far too much for external validation. No internal self validation.
  2. Millenials are too suckered by travel: Now with COVID, is there even a realistic future for travel? Perhaps not. Thus most millenials lose their zest and purpose of life.
  3. Millenials care too much for good food: 90% of their income is probably squandered on eating out, drinking or on alcohol or other drugs. No notion of saving money.

Simple suggestions for my fellow millenials

  1. Excise the notion of figure travels. Desire for future travels is often a trap.
  2. Eat more meat (I’m very anti the notion of a “plant based diet”)
  3. Less social media, more building up your own website and platform (
  4. Take more personal risks. Don’t strive for a lucrative Google or Amazon job; strive to become more poor but more free!
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