Via Negativa Wealth

Wealth isn’t via positiva (having +++ tons of 1s and 0s and commas in your bank account). But instead, wealth as via negativa (wealth is good, as it *subtracts* your worries and concerns about money, paying rent, paying utilities, feeding yourself, etc).

Wealth as *not* having anxieties

For example, being poor sucks. I grew up in which my mom would drive on bare tires, because we couldn’t afford the $300 to change the tires. Also, feeling the stress as a child thinking and knowing that maybe this month my mom wouldn’t be able to pay the rent (my dad would gamble it away), and that we may be homeless.

What the hell are you waiting for?

It seems everyone says:

Once I got x amount of money, then I can *really* start to live, focus on my artwork, creativity, etc.

But truth be told, enough is never enough.

*REDUCE* expenses, worries, obligations, things to maintain, fix, and things which are hidden money-sucks

What is a money suck or drain? Your smartphone plan? Your subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, etc? Or is your apartment rent too expensive? Eating out or takeout? Maintaining your car which is married to your mechanic and garage?

Reducing your lifestyle costs and expenses (via negativa) seems to be the most effective way to feel *MORE* secure, optimistic and confident in your finances and money.


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