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Money Thoughts

Currently on a cruise ship (what I consider a pseudo-utopia).

Currently thinking about money:

What would be the purpose/function of money in a “post-monetary society”?

What is money good for?

Money is good to buy meat/beef. In the Iliad, money was counted in how many oxen you owned, or however many slaves/gold bars you owned.

Money is good to buy a RICOH GR III ($899 USD).

Money is good to buy a laptop (maxed-out refurbished MacBook Pro, ~$2000 USD). If you’re more frugal, it seems that an iPad (~$330) can fulfill 80% of the functions of a laptop. If you want the best ‘bang for the buck’ device, it seems an iPad Pro is a solid investment.

Beyond food, coffee, having a computer, and paying your rent/living expenses I don’t think that money is that valuable.

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