cruise ship view

Why the RICOH GR III is the Best Travel Photography Camera


RICOH GR III is the best travel photography camera. Small, compact, phenomenal sharpness and dynamic price, lightest [even smaller and lighter than RICOH GR II], recharges with USB-C. There are no ‘real’ flaws with the RICOH GR III in my eyes [only thing I wish is it had an integrated flash — but even this seems optional at this point].

It seems that with traveling, the point is for you to experience more, to think more, to be less weighed down, and to photograph more. It seems that if these are the goals, to have the smallest, lightest, and most affordable camera [use your money towards travel expenses] is the best option.

Long story short, if you like any form of photography (travel, street, personal, documentary, etc) — it seems the RICOH GR III is the ultimate camera.


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