Traveling as a Means of Self-Introspection


Why travel? For me, traveling isn’t for the sake of traveling. Instead, traveling as a means or a bridge for self-introspection.

When you travel, you finally get the distance away from all the craziness and hecticness in the world. Even the benefit of flying on an airplane without wifi; finally the chance to disconnect — which will open up and free your mind.

Traveling as a form of learning

Travel to learn // TRAVEL NOTES by HAPTIC PRESS

I believe that one of the biggest benefits of traveling — as a form of learning. Learning about different cultures, different modes of living, and to expand your mind about the world and humanity.

In-fact, I think if your desire is to deepen your wisdom about humanity and the world, traveling is essential — a pre-requisite on the road to your own personal apex wisdom.

Travel to create

travel notes pick cover

Ultimately I feel that the end-game is to create. to create art. To create photographs, to create new images, to create new ideas, to create anything your heart desires.

My theory:

In order to stimulate or ‘motivate’ you to create novel art works, perhaps some “stirring up” or “shaking up” of your life is a necessary ingredient. Comfort, ease, and predictability as being the enemies of creativity.

Travel to create // TRAVEL NOTES by HAPTIC PRESS

Travel to spend more time with yourself, not to escape yourself

Saigon, 2018
Saigon, 2018

Another thing to be wary of:

Don’t travel to run away from your problems. Instead, traveling is a good time to introspect about your life and ‘problems’. Traveling will actually allow you to spend more time with yourself.

Saigon, 2018
Saigon, 2018

For myself, most of my biggest life epiphanies has occurred to me while living nomadically, on the road, or while traveling. Perhaps some mental distance from your ‘home’ is necessary to develop deeper insights about yourself and the direction you desire to take your life.

Thus, travel as a tool of self-wisdom, self-knowledge, and self-direction in your future.

Saigon, 2016 #cindyproject
Saigon, 2016 #cindyproject

So why do you travel? Only you got the answer.

And ultimately, I don’t think there are ever any negatives that come from traveling; traveling is all upside, no downside.



Creative tools to assist you in your artistic self-evolution: