If You Love Looking at Your Own Photos, Buy an iPad Pro

The iPad Pro (10.5 inch) is what I currently have, as well as the Touchbar MacBook Pro (13 inch) and I can say I enjoy looking at my own photos at least 5x more on my iPad Pro. And my basic idea:

The device on which you view your own photos is of tantamount importance.

Visual bandwidth

It seems that when looking at our own photos, we strive to max out the visual bandwidth of our eyes — meaning:

How can I derive the maximum visual pleasure from looking at my own photos?

The lcd screen (for digital photography) is essential.

For example, looking at my own photos on an iPad Pro is at least 5x more enjoyable even on my retina MacBook Pro touchbar.

Make sure when you’re looking at your own photos, you like the way you look at them and how you experience them.

The joy of processing photos on iPad Pro

Processing photos on iPad with Lightroom CC is great — I can see all the subtleties with color, light, and tone. Seeing the colors and tones morph while I’m processing is a ton of fun.

If one of the the purposes of photography is to bring you visual joy from your own photos — perhaps having the best lcd screen viewing device is essential?

Image quality isn’t the goal

The goal isn’t to have the best image quality on a camera, the point is to make photos that you personally like looking at in private or for yourself. Don’t strive for better image quality to get more likes on social media or to impress others more — strive to impress yourself and delight yourself with your own images. This seems to be the first prerequisite to becoming an artist.