Money isn’t Real

Money is a mode of human and social interaction, of quantifying labor, and a medium of human trust. Money isn’t “real”— it isn’t a physical thing, it is a metaphysical notion of “value” and “worth”.

Thus a life chasing money is the wrong life. The better life — chase artistic creation, human interactions, and pushing sociology, culture, and human thriving forward.

Don’t use money to quantify yourself or your progress in life. When Achilles died we had no idea what his net wealth was. I have no idea how rich Steve Jobs was when he died (or when he was alive). Even Elon Musk’s net worth isn’t interesting to me; what’s more interesting is what he is working on, what his ideas are and what he’s building.

Ultimately the point I want to make is this:

Money isn’t the ultimate goal in life. The goal is personal and artistic greatness and creating a legacy which will empower future humans!


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