A thought on entrepreneurship and life:

Don’t be led by trying to make money. Instead, work on challenging, interesting, and difficult problems which interest you and which are fun for you!

Unknown business models

Business models of the past probably won’t work today. Your job as a risk taker (entrepreneur) is to experiment and attempt NEW forms of business by following your gut and instincts.

Inventing new modes of thinking

It seems the only good business advice I’ve learned is this:

Be audacious, brazen, and insane enough to believe in yourself, your own dreams, hopes and aspirations.

And like Frank Sinatra, strive to do it your own way.

Do you need a business plan?

I believe all business models are bad. Why? A business plan forces you to get pigeon-holed into a certain notion, not making you ‘nimble’ or flexible to “pivot” into different directions.

It seems the best strategy is this:

Follow your gut, iterate, experiment, and modify as you go.

Create your own ideals

Create your own ideal world, business model, and entrepreneurial concepts. You might be right or wrong– it doesn’t really matter. What matters the most is this:

Whether you’re brave and courageous enough to strive to become the change which you wish to see in the world!


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