higher purpose abstract

What is Your Higher Purpose in Life?

In life you have the power to dictate your own purpose in life. Your own higher purpose in life. A purpose so high and mighty that you are willing to forgo everything else.

Assuming you don’t believe in a (conscious) afterlife, and think that life is devoid of inherent meaning (nihilism) then this is the greatest thought:

No guilt or fear from *NOT* living a ‘normal’ life, and being able to eschew all societal norms and ‘rules’ in order to pursue your higher purpose in life!

In other words:

  1. You can safely ignore all societal norms and rules, because you have decided for yourself that your higher purpose in life far surpasses the importance of conforming to normal social rules.
  2. There is no ‘punishment’ or ‘eternal damnation’ in the afterlife … thus, all your actions and responsibilities are your own!



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