Parallel Living

The reason why I’m such a huge fan of baby carriers, like the baby Bjorn or the ergo baby is that I can live more in parallel with my son Seneca.

For example I like to think of it like Bogo, buy one get one free. For example I like to walk around the block because it helps me think and when I walked around the block, Seneca also likes to be out and about and walking around. And therefore when I’m using the baby carrier, I have both my hands free which means I could photograph, work or write or read on my phone, or do other things.

Even one thing I’ve been able to do with the baby carrier in Seneca strapped in my front, is workout. For a while I was even going to the local park and doing chinups and dips with Seneca strap to my front, it’s like having a free weight vest which gets heavier over time!

Is it like multitasking?

Then the question is is by having Seneca strap to my front and using a baby carrier while doing other things multitasking? I don’t quite think so. The reason why I don’t think it is multitasking is that I am not technically doing two things at once, but rather doing two things in parallel. I think this is also how computer processors work, that they work in a hyper threaded parallel process, allowing the computer and processor to do more work at the same time.

so I suppose the best way to live is to figure out how you can work in parallel with things, and rather than seeing certain things as a drag or a cramp or impediment to your lifestyle, how you could technically do more at the same time.


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