Minimum Viable Thriving

In Silicon Valley we talk much about the “minimum viable product” (MVP). But how can we cross pollinate this concept to living?

Simply put:

  1. Warmth (freedom from the cold)
  2. Deep sleep (anti sleep deprivation)
  3. Lots of sunshine (a dark home as one of the worst things)
  4. Freedom from unnecessary noise, especially outside street noise, construction, etc.
  5. Physical activity, exercise, walks outdoors, and exposure to the outside elements (in praise of more UV exposure, variation in temperatures, fresh air, etc).
  6. Artistic or creative outlet, and ways to share your art work with others.
  7. Social engagement, social interactions. In praise of having roommates, living with family, or even having grandmother(s) live with you and your infant child.
  8. Food, water, and sustenance (for me, lots of coffee).
  9. Music. As Nietzsche said, “A life without music would be a mistake”.

I believe these to be the bare bones for minimum viable thriving. Certainly to *maximally* thrive is the goal, but these are uncertain and brave new times. Thrivival is the goal, survival and coping as just a road to it.


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