Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Entrepreneurship

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One of the best silicon-valley thought concepts is the idea of the ‘MVP’ (minimum viable product). It is anti-perfection. It is PRO-quick iteration, and just getting it out there!

I think if we all lived more ‘MVP’-minded, we would be more creatively productive, confident, and happier!

ARSBETA.COM: The Anti-Social Social Media for Photographers

Just make it!

Just make it. It doesn’t gotta be perfect. Even when we started ARSBETA.COM, it was an ‘MVP’ (super duper simple), based on some sketches and thoughts I had while in Vietnam.

It is all about iteration

Design choices for ARS COIN (created by ANNETTE KIM)
Design choices for ARS COIN (created by ANNETTE KIM)

I think this is the basic notion:

  1. Build something quickly (scrappy)
  2. Continue to build upon it, edit, modify, remix, and iterate
  3. Get feedback
  4. (Repeat this process forever).

I think we can think of this as a ‘kaizen‘ approach (never-ending continuous, but small/gradual improvement).

Never stop!

It seems with entrepreneurship, the goal is to never quit. To keep building it, keep improving it, and to keep make it better.

The best motivating question:

Do you give a damn?

If you do, never doubt yourself, and put forth great effort in making it continuously better.

Version numbers

With ARS, note:

  1. ARS Beta Version 1 (Keep/Ditch function)
  2. ARS Beta Version 2 (Critiques)
  3. ARS Beta Version 3 (ARS Coin)

ARS is constantly growing, and evolving, and moving forward.

Slow and steady wins the race

With entrepreneurship and life, slow and steady wins the race.

Never stop. Never stop progressing. Never stop growing stronger. Never lose faith in yourself. And never stop building the future!


ARSBETA.COM: The Anti-Social Social Media for Photographers

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