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Lifestyle Design

I think I first heard the notion of ‘lifestyle design’ waaaaay back when talking about Tim Ferriss. The general gist:

You craft and create your own ideal life and lifestyle for yourself.

Lifestyle has been the trend for a long time. But what does ‘lifestyle’ mean, and why is ‘lifestyle’ design important?

Design = designate

What does it mean to ‘design’? It means to designate. To designate means:

To exclaim to oneself and others what is important in your life and what *isn’t* important in your life.

It is about curating your life, and to mark out (design comes from ‘designo‘ in Latin — (de+signo[mark]).

When you indicate to yourself and gain clarity what is and isn’t important in your life, then you can start figuring out:

This is what I want to *ADD* to my life and more importantly … this is what I *DON’T* want in my life, and this is what I desire to *SUBTRACT* from my life.

Becoming self-employed as the first step to full control and freedom over your life.

Contrary to popular belief, I think COVID and the pandemic is the *BEST* time to become self-employed, and to start taking some more epic risks in your life. Why?

  1. You can work from home — which means you can do the minimum amount of work for your 9-5 job while at home, while building up your ‘side hustle’ on the side.
  2. Because our lives are mostly home-bound, we are saving a TOOOON of money. No more going to restaurants, no more going to the club/bar and spending a ton of money on alcohol, etc. This means you can actually live *MORE* frugally to pursue your own passions.

Having the courage to define your own preferences in life.

The biggest problem:

Once you start to try to design your own ideal lifestyle, you will have a lot of people who will either challenge your lifestyle choices, or will try to subversively ruin you.

The herd doesn’t like it when someone decides to go off on their own, and to mark off and designate their own life values. So have the insanely bold courage to designate importance in your life, and remain staunch!



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