Where Does Our Desire to Upgrade Come From?

“Up-up-up-upgrade complete” (Starcraft)

A thought when contemplating on my “all black” merino wool clothing (completed — Outlier.NYC Black merino wool T-shirt, Woolly Black Merino athletic shorts, Meriwool merino wool leggings, etc)—

Is my clothing like my armor … something I want to upgrade, just as if life were an RPG?

Similarly speaking — it seems in modern day life, we desire to also upgrade our “weapons” (phones, laptops, tools, cars, watches, etc)— and there seems to be no end in sight. But towards what ends?

Our desire for change, advancement, betterment, and more strength and power?

What is “happiness”? The manifestation and realization of our progress, growth, strength building, and power augmentation in life.

Or if we feel we do not upgrade … we feel stagnant. Everyone hates feeling like they’re moving laterally, instead of upwards and beyond! But the question is:

Does by upgrading our homes, our lifestyles, our location, our clothing, our shoes, our cars, our laptops, our phones, our cameras etc — does this actually upgrade *us*?

Perhaps not. What we seek is upgrading our self — our muscles, our physiology, our health, our mood, our feeling of joy, our physical strength (one rep max weightlifting / powerlifting), our physique and bodily composition (more muscle mass, less bodyfat). So the simple idea:

Less obsession and interest in tools, objects, cars, things, devices, equipment, clothes and material things … more obsession about the body, muscles, mood, physiology and mind!



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