What Lasts? What Doesn’t Last?

Will this last? Will this not last?

Something on my mind:

Best to focus on and invest in things which last. What lasts? Your artwork. Your children. What you make and produce.

What doesn’t last? Your things and possessions. No matter how cool the whatever thing you got right now, sooner or later it will become less cool, obsolete, rust and peel.

Gadgets and tools are so easily obsolete

No matter how good your car, camera, phone, tablet laptop etc — these things will all become obsolete so quickly.

Same goes with fashion, shoes, and almost all fashion accessories. Trends come and go so quickly. Even design which is “classic” and old school can quickly lose their charm.

Thus as a simple heuristic when it comes to design, things or actions ask yourself —

Will this last? Will this not last?



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