As minimalist as possible:

Super spartan and spare and sparse, no frills design. Cheap and basic, bare bones. For example a new Nissan Versa (5 speed manual transmission) all black. My interest in new basic cars built in 2021 with old school manual transmissions. Or the delight in the spare, spartan design of the Tesla Model 3 dashboard.

All black everything” as a step towards spartan design. Or even a clean modern minimalist “luxury” apartment with huge floor to ceiling windows, tons of natural light, and clean white/light grey touches. Or running iPhone with a simple “all black” aesthetic (dark mode, no superfluous apps), with the iPhone being black with no case.

For clothes, a “luxury spartan” concept — black merino wool t shirt, black pants, and black “shark shoes” (minimalist water shoes).


hand red black macro ERIC KIM
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