Classic Proportions, Modern Design

The new tag line of the new Nissan Z Proto. I love the concept and execution. Why? I believe it is what I actually do believe in— the best design gives homage to the past, while injecting in the present and modern. Even the car having a classic 6 speed manual transmission — brilliant. Even the recent new Toyota Supra was a huge letdown to fans, as it is only available in auto(tragic-matic). Same goes for many new models of Porsche 911 and BMW M-cars; only automatic!!! Considering that sports cars is all about romanticism, control and the joy of (manual) driving — this should be kept pure.

Design which captures my imagination

The best design captures your imagination, excites you, and gives you great new hope towards the future. A future with even more beauty, more beautiful designs, and more beautiful and prosperous futures!