New Forward Facing Design vs Retrospective and Nostalgic Design

My critique of much of modern design:

It is focused on the nostalgia of the past and retrospective because it is “cool” and sells, rather than the substance of it.

For example, there is no reason why modern digital cameras need to look like old school rangefinders. There is no more film cartridge or 35mm cassette which requires it. Also in a world of great autofocus, manual focusing is more about the romanticism than the practicality. In this way, RICOH GR as superior to Leica M cameras in almost all regards.

Same with car design — the delight in the flush nose and front end of the new Tesla cars because a radiator is no longer needed! So with design ask yourself:

Is this design facing forward for the better, or facing backwards and the past for the worse?



hand red black macro ERIC KIM