Why Does Design Matter?

Why design rules everything around me:

The more I use the iPhone mini, the more I like it. The design seems perfect — perfectly flat, flush. In terms of the construction, it is waaaay lighter than the iPhone Pro (huuuge plus) and also wayyyy smaller (even smaller footprint and size than the iPhone SE — which is a marvel).

We obsess over design so much. But why? Why is design so important and how is it so important? How does design manifest in our everyday lives, affect our everyday lives, and why is the current and future economy so dependent on design? Some thoughts:

Design uplifts, motivates and helps us awe in appreciation and joy and wonderment.

Design improves us and our lives. Life is too short for ugly aesthetics and design.

Design motivates us and doesn’t get in our way

Good design is invisible. If the design is good, it helps prevent things from getting in our way from achieving our intended thing. For example, design is the best when it actively REMOVES obstructions and annoyances from our lives, removes pains in order to help us maximize our creative and artistic pursuits.

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our lady of the gate of dawn-4 mother mary wallpaper

Lines from man-made designs and nature:

Porsche Panamera x Cheetah

Ford GT

Porsche Panamera



Peregrine Falcon

Video slideshow: Man vs Nature