A thought when looking at a Porsche Macan (Turbo) the other day:

What is it about the aesthetics and design of this car which appeal to me?

Same goes with watches, cars (Tesla Model S), and other design things?

My thought (at least for us men):

We love masculine (muscular) design.

But then the basic thought:

Instead of striving to *buy* muscular design, isn’t it more effective or superior to just focus in transforming our bodies to become more menacing, imposing and muscular?

In other words:

Design and design objects are simply idealizations of our own human aesthetic and composition ideals … not the other way around!

Mood by Eric Kim



our lady of the gate of dawn-4 mother mary wallpaper

Lines from man-made designs and nature:

Porsche Panamera x Cheetah

Ford GT

Porsche Panamera



Peregrine Falcon

Video slideshow: Man vs Nature

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