The Best Design

The best design is the design you don’t need to think about, or the design you no longer notice.

For example, my “all black everything” clothing. It is the best design for me, because I don’t gotta think about what to wear everyday, and the outfit doesn’t offend me. I don’t even notice it.

Lifestyle integration design

Also, RICOH GR III as the best camera — in terms of design, it has the best ergonomics for shooting as well as the smallest size and footprint. This means it is always in my front pocket and I’m always shooting. I don’t gotta think while shooting or even before shooting— a sign of a great designed camera.

Even with rangefinder cameras, the best setup is shooting zone focusing at f8-f16, when you can literally “point and shoot” it. If you gotta think while shooting it, or have to work hard on trying to nail the focus with the rangefinder patch, you’re doing it wrong.

I don’t hate it

Funny enough, to me the best design is design I don’t hate. I am insanely picky with my things — my habitat, clothing, shoes, devices, phone, tablet, laptop, aesthetic etc. But the primary thing:

I don’t need to “love” the design, I just want to not hate it.

I did want to even notice it.

The upside of my space grey laptop and Apple devices:

I never notice the color.

What’s the end game?

The end game:

No longer having to think about your tools, things, possessions, home, lifestyle etc … in order to just focus on creating your art!


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our lady of the gate of dawn-4 mother mary wallpaper

Lines from man-made designs and nature:

Porsche Panamera x Cheetah

Ford GT

Porsche Panamera



Peregrine Falcon

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