The Best Design Towards What Ends?

It seems many of us desire this pipe dream:

To discover the best design things, the best design objects, etc … and to ‘get them all’.

But towards what ends?

Peace of mind?

Do we desire the best design objects for peace of mind?

The best design to make our lives “better”?

Or at least wirh car design, our desire to live more exciting lives? The hope that our exciting car will motivate us to live more adventurously? But buying an “adventurous” car … will it truly motivate us to live more bravely? Probably not.

Then is the hope that by having a beautiful car, and beautifully designed car will make us feel “happier”— more joyful, light, and motivated? Possibly — having an ugly car depresses us (I recall seeing the peeling clear coat on my moms black 1995 Nissan Maxima which depressed me every time). So great design can uplift?


Just don’t get design things which you consider ugly!

Depressing Design vs Uplifting Design


hand red black macro ERIC KIM