An Elite Aesthetic

A thought on aesthetics:

What we are striving for is towards is an elite aesthetic — to look different, have a different taste (above the “vulgar masses”).

Furthermore to go even beyond a superficial elite aesthetic. For example, to me it seems too basic to buy an Audi car, a BMW, or even a Mercedes to “stunt” your aesthetic tastes. It is almost like the lazy way to spout “luxury” (equivalent to buying a Louis Vuitton bag). Even in some ways, buying a Porsche 911 is “too obvious” of a cool aesthetic (everyone already knows it is a cool car, and everyone already has one … so why do you gotta get it?)

Anyways with your design aesthetic, design choices, clothing, fashion, haircut, the way you present yourself — perhaps the desire is for us to differentiate ourselves even more from others, than to fit in.



hand red black macro ERIC KIM
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