Generic Design

A thought on Tesla cars:

I personally love the aesthetic (clean, flush, minimalist) of Tesla cars, but my critique: the design of the cars and the design language is a bit boring and generic.

For example the Model S— the Plaid mode is undeniably cool. However it is very generic — a bit and pieces here of a Jaguar, Toyota Camry in size, and bulbous in shape.

The Model 3 is definitely an improvement — it seems more like a shark (front end of a Porsche 911) and the tail lights and end definitely is distinctly “Tesla”. The Model X with the falcon wings are very cool, but it is a bit too big. The Model Y is certainly a huge innovation (perfect hybrid between the Model 3 and Model X), but still … it seems a bit too plain for my tastes.

And even if you think about it, there’s not too much variety you can get in a Tesla. Most people will probably opt for the white package, or the “all black” aesthetic, or perhaps red to be a bit more bold (but even the red color paint job isn’t bold or bright enough). So the question:

Is it fine to just get a very good generic design that “just works”, or should we strive towards more extreme, unconventional aesthetics?

My thought for now:

Opt for extreme.



hand red black macro ERIC KIM
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