Take More Risks


In baseball and life, is better to get one home run, instead of two doubles.

Every time you click the shutter, you are swinging a bat. The more you swing the bat, the more likely you are to hit a home run.


I think one of the worst misconceptions about photography is that you need to only take 1-2 photos in a scene, to show off your skill.

Rather, I believe firmly in the opposite philosophy: when you see a good photo opportunity, take as many photos as humanly possible.

Make lots of small bets


I’ve been reading a lot about venture capital recently — the basic idea is that it is better to make 1000 small bets in 1000 different companies, and have one company get a 1000x return, rather than betting on only 10 companies, and getting a 10% return.


This is where entrepreneurship comes in. The more risks you take, the more likely you are to hit a home run in your business. The secret is to clip your downside— to not take foolish risks. Rather, to prevent yourself from “blowing up”, and going bankrupt. It is to make “educated risks”, but without any risks, you will never achieve glory.

Shoot more


Every time you click the shutter, “work the scene”, and try out different angles, the more likely you are to get a good shot.

There is so much randomness in street photography. Your chance of getting a good shot depends on whether your subject looks at you, doesn’t look at you, or blinks their eyes, or whether they do an interesting hand gesture.


I think the secret to great street photography is to identify good moments, or potentially good scenes, and extracting the maximum from the opportunity.

Take more (small) risks in life


So friend, in life, and street photography — take more risks.

Do you see someone at a party you want to chat with? Take a risk and walk over and say “hello” — even though they may reject you.


Do you have an idea for a business? Take a risk and pursue it — but of course don’t pour 100% of your savings into it. Know your maximum downside, and take lots of small risks, for a huge potential payoff.

Do you have a blog post idea? Just publish it. You don’t know whether it will resonate with people or not; just put it out there.

Do you have a photograph you are afraid to share, because you don’t think anyone else will like it? Once again, take a risk, make yourself naked, and share it.

Do you want to achieve greatness?


No greatness will happen without risk.

Learn how to build an appetite for risk, to build courage, and to just experiment, try things out, and tinker.


Like they say in Silicon Valley: “Fail forward.”


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