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How I Made Money with Crypto

Many people think that cryptocurrency is all overhyped, yet I see it as one of the most under exploited opportunities, for us and our future. If anything, I think cryptocurrency and crypto technologies is under hyped, and undervalued.

The first question: is it luck or all gambling? I say neither. Rather, it is a belief in a certain technology, and a personal belief if you care about it.

I suppose the first question is whether you care or not.

Then the next question is how rich will you get from it? I see the best way to go into it is assume you’ll lose all your money, and do it regardless, because you’re interested in the joy of speculation, or the thrill.

Personally I got into crypto currency around 2017, 2018. This is after the big first big rise and crash. After the first crash, I was interested. This is one bitcoin first peaked at around $22,000 a bitcoin. I personally got in when bitcoin was around $9000 in bitcoin. I also bought digibyte, when it is around two cents a digibyte.

To fast forward a bit, I also got chainlink when it was around $10 a link. I also got some dodgecoin, when it was six cents a dodgecoin.

Get in when people are skeptical.

I overheard a conversation at a local bar in Providence, of these random people who was saying that bitcoin was overhyped. This is when one bitcoin dropped from $50,000 in bitcoin to $35,000 of bitcoin. Also, this was the short moment and time when Tesla accepted bitcoin to buy a Tesla, and then stopped.

This is when I got back into bitcoin, and I was able to ride bitcoin again from $35,000 a bitcoin to $50,000 in bitcoin.

Buy it, and never look at the price

Spend a long time before buying it, and then after you buy it, intentionally do not look at it.

For example, I deleted my Coinbase app from my phone. And I only check the prices maybe once a year or once every other year. I only hear about the prices through overhearing people talk about it, rather than intentionally looking for the news.

Why do I do this? Because I know I am emotional. When I see the prices either go up or down, it fucks with my emotions too much. Therefore, wise ignorance is bliss.

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Think about long-term trends, rather than short term trends.

Nobody could predict the future. Yet, the closest way we could predict the future is from looking at trends, and thinking long-term. For example, thinking 30 years from now.

For example, think about it: do you imagine 30 years from now, people will use their cell phones more, or less? And also, as time goes on, do you think that crypto technology will improve or get worse?

The closest way to think about the future is look at other countries. For example, in China nobody uses credit cards, and nobody uses cash money. They only use their phones to pay.

In America, we are stuck in the past. The closest thing that Americans got for us is Apple Pay and our phones, but that is about it.

The future is contactless

Also, as time goes on, I only envision more world pandemics, and diseases to proliferate. Therefore this will mean even less use of cash money, and more preference for touchless forms of payment to pay for things.

For example, even nowadays I don’t like to go to the gas station and push any button, for the low-key fear that there is some sort of disease or bacteria on it. therefore instead of putting my credit card into the machine, I prefer to tap and pay.

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The sky is the limit

I think a lot of people want to get into cryptocurrency right now, yet they are afraid that the boat has already sailed, and it is too late. I don’t think so. It is not too late, maybe right now is only the beginning.

For example, one of my trusted crypto friend says that in theory, one economist said that one bitcoin should be worth at least $1 million a bitcoin right now. And who knows, maybe one day bitcoin will be worth $10 million a bitcoin, or even $100 million a bitcoin?

Or perhaps in the future, we will no longer even bother to peg bitcoin to the US dollar. Rather, bitcoin will be the standard of value.

For example, maybe in the future you could buy one Tesla model three with one bitcoin, buy a Tesla model Y with two bitcoin, buy a Tesla model X for three bitcoin, or buy a Tesla model S for four bitcoin, or buy a Tesla roadster for five bitcoin.

Care less for money: honestly, at this point it’s just a game. Don’t think about money, don’t care for money, and reduce your needs. The less you care about money the less things you need, the bolder and riskier you can become.


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