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The Easiest Way to Become Rich

The idea:

  1. Debt is the devil; avoid all credit card debt, loans, even the ‘good’ debt. All debt is bad. If you still have (any debt), you are still a slave.
  2. Just buy really cheap shit. Opt for industrial meats than the ‘healthy’ meats. Spurn a vegetarian-vegan diet, which tends to actually be *MORE* expensive than a meat-based diet. For example, I can buy pork for only 99 cents a pound!!! Even if I eat 5 pounds of meat a day, it only will cost $150 a month to feed me. Consider the average person cannot eat 5 pounds of meat a day ($5 USD a day). Let us consider the average American can only ear 2 pounds of meat a day ($2 USD a day)– that is only $60 a month.
  3. Give up alcohol and weed: Good way to save money. Consider how much money you can save by *NOT* drinking alcohol when you go out!
  4. Give up Amazon prime membership and all subscription services (Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, etc). A subscription-less life is the best life.
  5. Don’t consume any media which is sponsored by advertising. You will then inadvertently get suckered into buying stuff you don’t need.
  6. Don’t desire to buy a Lamborghini or any fancy sports car. Instead, aspire to transform your body into a Lamborghini, or just become insanely swole (buff, high muscle mass) with a 6-pack.

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