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Everyday Street Photography

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This is my theory: the more often we shoot, the happier we are. But, a lot of us don’t or cannot shoot everyday, thus, we end up feeling depressed or demotivated in our photography.

What is the solution to this problem?

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My solution: let us shoot “Everyday street photography”

What is “everyday street photography”?

Walking down the stairs

Simple: Shoot everyday on the streets. Shoot public places, around your workplace, during your commute, inside the grocery store. Essentially, documenting your everyday life which probably happens in some sort of urban or public city setting.

Shoot anything and everything

Cindy laughing inside Daiso. Osaka

No rules, only opportunities.

Game Osaka Street photography

Shoot anything and everything which interests you. Don’t worry about making “good” or “bad” photos. Rather, just follow your gut, and shoot anything which interests you. Focus on output of making lots of photos, consistently, on an everyday basis, rather than stressing about making really good photos that you will upload to social media to get a bunch of likes.

Meat on sale. Osaka grocery store

This also means:

Don’t take single good photos too seriously.

Man in green jacket, blue and orange background. Osaka, 2018
Man in green jacket, blue and orange background. Osaka, 2018

I think our real lives are about the culmination of our everyday, simple, life experiences, not just the few really massive life events we experience.

Night scene. Osaka, 2018

Thus, this is why I enjoy putting together “photography diaries” on this blog, because I am trying to communicate my experiences and my feelings of everyday living, and the joy and happiness I feel, rather than trying to be a really good photographer, and making really good photos to impress others. I’m just trying to live the happiest, most joyful, and fun everyday life.

No rules

Street club

Everyday Street Photography is open, inclusive, and democratic. Everyone is welcome; nobody is rejected.

You don’t need to concern yourself with how many followers you have, what your camera equipment is, or your skill level. Rather, we are a community of like-minded individuals who just have joy living everyday life, making photos, and sharing them with other like-minded individuals.

Washing machines. Osaka urban landscape, 2018
Osaka urban landscape, 2018

If you want to share your everyday life street photographs, share them on ERIC KIM FORUM and if you want feedback on individual photos (in the form of a keep-ditch), upload it to ARSBETA.COM, my new photography feedback platform.

How to shoot everyday street photography

Eric kim Osaka selfie, 2018

  1. When you leave the house, wear your camera around your neck, on your wrist. Have your camera easily accessible, to document anything you find interesting in your everyday life. Feel free to also just shoot with your phone.
  2. When you see something interesting in your everyday life, feel free to shoot many photos of the scene. Experiment with your framing, timing, and composition.
  3. Make photos of what interests you, what excites you, or whatever puts a smile on your face.
  4. Treat everyday as sacred: remember what a blessing it is to be alive. Use your photography as a tool to appreciate the joy and happiness in your everyday life, regardless of however small or simple these joys may be.
  5. Don’t compare yourself with others: Shoot for yourself, for your own private joy, and of course feel free to share your photos with others. But just don’t feel like you need to treat photography like a zero-sum competition.
  6. Have fun: Keep challenging yourself in your everyday photography, by doing visual exercises to improve your photographic acuity (HOW TO SEE), go on street photography adventures and hunts (STREET HUNT), and treat everyday as a new opportunity to make new photos and artwork to find more excitement in your everyday life (30 DAYS TO JUMPSTART YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY).

Never stop shooting

Kid sleeping. 99cent store in Osaka

Find joy in your everyday life, never stop shooting, and smile— it’s great to be alive! :)


Nice meal with Cindy in Osaka. Offal

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