12 ERIC KIM Street Photography Assignments

Dear friend,

If you’re a street photographer hungry for inspiration, try out these assignments:

  1. Shoot opposite: when you see a good street photography opportunity, turn around and shoot in the opposite direction.
  2. Use your phone, and only shoot close-up macro photos of people’s eyes for a day.
  3. Prefocus your lens to .7 meters, and only shoot at that distance for a month.
  4. Only shoot street photography on a film camera for a month.
  5. Everyday, you’re only allowed to shoot 3 street photographs. Do this for a week.
  6. Copy the style of a street photographer whose style you don’t like for a week.
  7. On a Saturday, shoot 100 street photographs, all with a flash.
  8. Only shoot urban landscapes for a week, without people.
  9. Only shoot street portraits for a month. All the street photographs need to be shot with permission.
  10. Shoot street photography for an entire day, with headphones on, and keep the same song on repeat.
  11. Lock up all your cameras, and only shoot street photography on your phone for a month.
  12. Don’t upload any photographs for 10 months, and at the end of those 10 months, only upload your favorite 10 street photographs.

For more inspiration buy STREET NOTES and FILM NOTES.


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