Street Photography is a Way of Life

Street photography as a way of life. As a way of seeing the world, interacting with the world, and making art works out of people!

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What I love about street photography:

  1. You see more possibilities with reality. You can make beautiful art works using reality as your moulding visual clay.
  2. Your everyday life is more fun and interesting. You notice beauty more around you [beauty in the mundane].
  3. You are more keen. You are sharper about your environment. You notice more things you would not have noticed without a camera.
  4. You build boldness, audacity, especially when interacting with other people and strangers. Street photography as the art of people!
  5. Street photography as a fun way to create art works when traveling, or exploring.
  6. The world becomes more mysterious and interesting, especially when shooting in monochrome.

Shoot on!


HANOI // Crimson RED
HANOI // Crimson RED


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