USC, 2019 #cindyproject


The deepest black. Jet black. Phantom black.

Perhaps this is my ideal aesthetic.

1. The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice

Tustin, 2019 #ricohgriii
Tustin, 2019 #ricohgriii

Monochrome transports you into a different world.

Because monochrome is divorced from reality, you are forced to put your own interpretation into the images. You need to engage your creative brain more in order to interpret a monochrome image. Also, you must use more of your imagination to ‘fill in the blanks’ of a black and white photo.

Monochrome photos are more difficult to decipher and understand than color photos.

2. Monochrome simplifies

Costa Mesa, 2019

With monochrome, the world is simplified.

The world is simplified into simple shapes, forms, and tones.

Simpler is better.

3. Monochrome is more fun

To me, monochrome is more fun. Why? When you shoot a photo, you have no idea how it will be rendered into monochrome.

Foilage. Los Angeles, 2019
Foilage. Los Angeles, 2019

To me, the mystery of monochrome is what is endlessly fascinating to me, and what keeps me going!

If I ever discovered the ultimate ‘secret’ to monochrome, it would lose all her charm.

4. Experiment more in monochrome

Shoot more monochrome. RICOH GR II (RAW+ERIC KIM PRESET) or RICOH GR III in high-contrast monochrome mode.

Treat your photography as a series of fun visual experiments.

5. Upload your monochromes to ARS screenshot

Shoot more monochrome and upload your photos to and give feedback to other streettogs in the community. screenshot


RICOH GR III with 21mm adapter:

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