The RICOH GR III is the best camera ever made. Done deal.



I just fell in love with photography all over again

Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii
Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii

Time to share my love ode to the new RICOH GR III — which I consider the best camera ever made (thus far).

1.The best monochrome setting

Little Tokyo / Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii #21mm
Little Tokyo / Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii #21mm

The ‘high contrast black and white’ JPEG setting mode on the GR III is phenomenal. It seriously is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen come out of a digital camera. Far superior than any monochromes I’ve seen out of a Leica Monochrom, or any other digital camera invented thus far.

And if I may say — I think it looks AS BEAUTIFUL as monochrome black and white film (Kodak Tri-X pushed to 1600).

2.The best value camera

Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii
Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii

For around $899, the RICOH GR III is the best valued digital camera ever invented.

I think it is a superior camera to the $4999 Leica Q2 camera, and even superior to the Fujifilm GFX 50R digital medium format camera. Not superior in terms of ‘image quality’ per-se, but superior in terms of the sharpness, aesthetics of the monochrome setting, the pocketability, the size, and of course– the dollar ‘bang for the buck’!

3. 21mm is awesome!

Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject #ricohgriii
Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject #21mm

The great thing with the new RICOH GR III — the 21mm ultra-wide-angle lens adapter! I have been having SO MUCH FUN with it!

Shooting 21mm totally changes how you shoot photos.

First of all, almost everything is in the frame. Secondly, people don’t know you’re photographing them (because you don’t need to point the camera directly at your subject). You can put your subject off to the far left or right, and they will not know! For street photography (to be more stealth), this is perfect.

Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii
Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii #21mm

4. Responsiveness

Los Angeles, 2019
Los Angeles, 2019

The RICOH GR III is incredibly fast, accurate autofocus, and supple. I have not missed any photographs thus far. No missed decisive moments. The camera turns on super duper fast, and shoots very very fast. It feels even quicker and more nimble (and accurate) than the Fujifilm X100F (if not, as good).

5. Camera perfection

Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject
Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject

Of course this is just my opinion. I encourage you to pickup a RICOH GR III (either order on Amazon or BHPHOTO), and test it for yourself. You can also order the RICOH GR III with the 21mm adapter on BHPHOTO (for around $1200) where is where I ordered it from, and try it out. I personally love it to death, but you might not.

And with gear this is the takeaway:

Use the simplest camera in order to maximize your photographic and artistic output.

Simpler is better. And the more photos you shoot, the better!



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